The Art Worlds is a site about visual art. The premise for this site is the theory that there is not one art world but multiple art worlds in which a variety of players flourish or fail.

When most people think about the art world, they think about the art scene in New York City in which blue-chip art is traded by famous galleries like stock. But there is more to art than that.

There are the places where art is shown and sold: commercial galleries and non-profit galleries. University galleries, artist-run gallery, museums, pop-up galleries, and temporary galleries in abandoned spaces.

There are the artists themselves: famous living artists, famous dead artists, underground artists, feminist artists, artists of color, international artists, art students, and hobbyist artists and so on.

There are the art professionals: critics, gallery owners, gallery directors, and gallery staff, art historians, art writers, art consultants.

There are the patrons: the wealthy, famous art collectors, middle-income art collectors, and aspiring art collectors.

There art cities and towns all over the world where are is made, collected and sold.

There is the art publishing world: arts and culture sections in newspapers, arts websites, art books, and art magazines.

So the question for anyone interested in visual art is what role(s) will you play and in which art world do you want to participate?